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Elodie Saracco is a traveler, climber, and nomad whose travels have taken her to many continents and countries since leaving France in 2006 for her first around-the-world trip. Her wanderlust eventually led her to Kentucky, where she immediately fell in love with the gorgeous sandstone, friendly community, and enchanting natural beauty. Through her journeys, a camera on her side, Elodie has gathered snapshots and captured memories that explore this beautiful planet with the intention of seeing beyond and sharing a vision. Now based in New York City, she balances her life between photography, climbing, and traveling – three elements deeply entwined that bring her focus, challenge, joy, and expression. Elodie’s work is widely published in American and international magazines such as Climbing, DPM, Rock & Ice, Gripped, Grimper, Klettern. She is prominent contributor to the 3rd and 4th Red River Gorge Climbing guidebook editions.

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